Announcement – In progress

Announcement – Box of any announcements / changes happening in a department. At the top of a page.


Content link box Manual box – Image, title, summary text, link.

Card – Query Loop

Content link box (dynamic) Display a series of content boxes (using featured image, excerpt etc) that match certain criteria ie L2 landing pages and list pages that are related to a particular topic or department. Or guides/information pages etc.

Button – Block Style

Content link box (no image or sub-text) Title, link

CTA Panel

Content link box (no image) Title, summary, text, link

Promo Card

Content promo panel Image/gallery of images, video, title, summary, link

Promo Card –  Query Loop

Content promo panel (dynamic) Display associated information for a given piece of content


Expanding boxes

Cover – Block Style

Hero image with text overlay panel

Interactive form / click through Q&A e.g. Scholarships calculator. Interactive click through form that users answer a series of questions to get to the answer that is right for them.

Paragraph – Block Style

Large intro text

LS Search
Library search One-off search feature on /ls/ homepage

Membership / bookings Memberships for Edge Hill Sport / Tickets for the Arts Centre, may be a better way to integrate into the webpages.

News Cards – Query Loop

News post panel Scrolling element with individual news stories represented as boxes

Numbered steps panel Numbered steps in a sequence represented visually

Opening Times – Third Party Plugin

Opening times Could be editable table or derived from Location object


Partnerships / accreditations / awards Logos of partner organisations / accreditations that a course is associated with.

Privacy – Reusable Block

Privacy statement link

Profile – Query Loop

Profile List/Grid


Question and Answer

Quote – Block Style


Post List – Query Loop

Reference list – List of articles (often written by EHU), currently on website as a standard list.

Post List – Query Loop

Related content box Associated contacts/links etc, to appear adjacent to paragraph content


RSS feed Output an RSS feed in a block, for news feeds or similar

Social Links

Social media box


Table of contents Block providing links to in-page headings



Timeline – In progress

Timeline block Present a series of distinct dated steps on a visual timeline. We need this for key dates for Clearing and Applicants.
USPs/key stats panel Individual stats or USPs represented with icons, title, sub-text and link