Massey Ferguson 230

Bernie Williams worked on the Edge Hill grounds from 1972 until his retirement last year. During his time tending the grounds he took many photographs which he has kindly agreed to share with us.

The above photo appears to depict a new Massey Ferguson 230 but according to (yes, really) that model was only produced between 1976 and 1983. It’s possible the photo is missing a 1 and it’s actually a Massey Ferguson 1230 but I’ve not been able to find many photos of one to confirm. Maybe a reader could assist further? It is possible to see the tax disc so we know that it was bought in 1995.

More photos from Bernie soon!

2 responses to “Massey Ferguson 230?”

  1. Not likely, Roy… although we could put a big net on the back and drive it through local colleges rounding up potential students as we go….