The Duke

Duke of Edinburgh

Why bother finding my own interesting clips from the archives when you can get the Ormskirk Advertiser to do the hard work for you? This photo was featured in the LookBack column on Thursday 24th April 2003 and is captioned:

In this week’s dip into our pictorial archives we wonder if anyone remembers the time when Prince Philip was taken to the cleaners. Literally. As part of a visit to Edge Hill college the Duke of Edinburgh stopped to chat to the college cleaners as he made his royal progress through the grounds.

Cryptically there is no further information than this leaving us to wonder when it was from (1960s?) and what exactly he’d said to make the cleaners stare at him so intently.

4 thoughts on “The Duke

  1. Knowing his usual antics. It’s more than likely something derogatory about someone’s race or something just daft.

    I’s personnally love to go for a bevy with this man. He’d have you in stitches constantly.

  2. A former member of staff recalls: ‘The Duke of Edinburgh visit is from the late 1970s early 1980s since I remember him coming and I joined in 1977.’

  3. Thanks Roy – I’ve retagged 1970s, which is likely when those jackets were bought even if the photo is from the next decade 😉

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