The walk file: Edge Hill, Warwickshire

Yesterday’s Financial Times featured details of a walk up Edge Hill in Warwickshire:

Even at this limited altitude, just a couple of hundred metres above sea level, the views west show the plains of south Warwickshire stretching far into the horizon. A mile and a half down from the trail is the spot where, in 1642, the Battle of Edgehill ā€“ the opening contest of the civil war ā€“ was fought. King Charles Iā€™s troops massed on the hill before the battle to observe their Roundhead enemies.

The Battle of Edgehill

This painting depicts the eve of the famous Battle of Edgehill in Warwickshire. It’s part of a collection at the Walker Art Gallery but unfortunately my sources inform me it’s not currently on display. But there are lots of other nice things there along with a great little coffee shop!