Tuition Fees: £24 16/-

Tuition Fees

Another item of Trix Cooke’s sent in by Barbara Taylor. This is an invoice dated 22nd December 1950 for payment of £24 16/-.

It’s interesting to see how not much has changed in the last 60 years and the bill is being sent to Mr Cooke, presumably Trix’s father. You’ll be relieved to know that the fees were paid the next month:

Tuition Fees

If you’re interested in what that amount of money represents you can plug it into the National Archives currency converter to find out that £24 16/- is equivalent to 17 days wages for a builder or five stone of wool!

Congratulations on your success in the Final Examination

Miss Bain Letter

1st August 1951

Dear Miss Cooke

Congratulations on your success in the Final Examination. It does credit both to your own hard work and to the College, and I am all the more pleased about it because I know that it is no mere ‘flash in the pan’ but that your teaching will reflect in days to come the high standards you have set yourself.

With all fond wishes,

Yours sincerely,

M. I. Bain

This letter is one of a number of items sent in by Barbara Taylor, Trix’s niece and herself now headteacher at Burscough Bridge Methodist School. We’ll have more from Trix Cooke soon!