On behalf of the Committee

What are wanted are an Art Room for the teaching of Drawing, a room for Physical Exercises, a Library, a room adapted for Science Teaching, and Sleeping Accommodation for the Students who now go out td sleep in the two rented houses in Durning Road. All these can be provided on our own land without unduly or inconveniently encroaching on our recreation ground; and sleeping accommodation can be provided for an additional number of Students, as for those who now occupy the two houses. These houses have only been allowed by the Education Department as a temporary expedient. If these additions could be made, the
rent paid for the houses would be saved, and the value and usefulness of the College would be greatly enhanced. Plans have been prepared, the carrying out of which is estimated to cost upwards of £10,000. This is a large sum, but if the whole cannot be raised by donations, the remainder required might, perhaps, be raised by loans at interest. But to make such a loan possible, it will be necessary to have a considerable fund from donations.

The Committee, therefore, earnestly appeal to the friends of the College to provide them with the necessary funds for putting the College on a footing consistent with the requirements of the present day.

On behalf of the Conimittee,
Hon. Secretary.

Liverpool, October, 1900.