Sarah Yelf

Sarah J Yelf

Sarah Yelf was the first principal of Edge Hill College from 1885 to 1890. On her retirement on health grounds the committee had the following to say:

Miss Yelf by the wisdom with which she arranged the general rules, discipline and curriculum of the College, not less than by the conscientiousness, earnestness and christian temper of mind with which she addressed herself to the arduous duties of her anxious task soon raised the College to an honourable position among the Female Training Colleges of the kingdom, and she leaves it with the high rank of fifth on the list of all those Colleges as attested by the last Government examination. it is impossible for the Committee to speak too highly of the beneficent influence which Miss Yelf by her strength of character, firmness, loftiness of mind and affectionate solicitude for their truest welfare, has exercised upon the development of the characters of the Students committed to her charge.

Well said!

The Principal

There is no doubt that Miss Hale was a very great lady; to most of us a remote and powerful presence, yet to anyone in real distress she could be infinitely kind. Her mental capacity and her ability to deal with the many difficulties that wartime brought were without parallel. She was really an old lady, 66 years old when I left College but neither her demeanour nor her dress showed it.

There was never any doubt that she was “The Principal”.

A.M.E. Walker, student 1915-17.

From a letter written in the 1990s about one of Edge Hill’s most loved and respected Principals.


Dredge was the name of Edge Hill’s rag magazine from – I believe – 1969. At least that’s the only date written in there and seems to fit in with the principal’s reign. Ken Millins introduces the mag with a poem:

I wish Dredge well,
Just Rag hilarity,
It deserves to sell,
In the cause of charity.

P. K. C. Millins,

Flicking through there are quite a few adverts for companies you might recognise. Ormskirk Motors is still going strong on County Road.  Taylor’s seems to have had it’s spot on Moor Street since The Dawn Of Time (although I’d be interested to know what Fancy Goods they sell!).  The Ormskirk Advertiser closed its office and moved production to Southport a couple of years ago while Woolworth’s old building is about to become an Iceland.  The award for most fitting advert (considering it’s in a rag mag) has to go to Hattersley Valve Company.

If you enjoy reading Dredge why not donate some money (at least 2/-) to Rag?

Memorandum from the Principal

Memorandum from the Principal

100 years ago and Edge Hill was celebrating it’s twenty fifth anniversary:

May 18th, 1910.

Memorandum from the Principal.

My Dear Students,

You will be glad to know that the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the College will be kept on July 2nd next.

Note the date, for the fourth Saturday in June – the date of our usual Annual Gathering – is found to be inconvenient.  Please let me know by filling up and posting the enclosed card at once whether or not you will be able to keep Festival with us.

Details of Public Luncheon, Entertainments, &c, will be sent to you later on receipt of your acceptance.

Faithfully yours,

Sarah J. Hale.

Something tells me this won’t be the last we hear from Sarah Hale!