Not getting off at Edge Hill


This post has been saved – unwritten – as a draft since I started this series of posts. The plan was to catch a train to Edge Hill one weekend, take a look around and some photos and write something interesting for the blog.

That hasn’t happened.

Instead I find myself with just a dozen posts before reaching 125 and no time to spare to visit my Edge Hill Station in the way I’d originally planned. Instead yesterday evening while in the vicinity I did a “drive by” photo shoot.

When I turned up the station was deserted – the ticket office closed and trains passing through without stopping on their way to Lime Street. For a station with such a history it’s a shame to see it so underused but there is perhaps still hope for it.

Last year one of the station buildings dating from 1836 was converted into a space for use by Metal, an “artistic laboratory to champion the need for continual investment in artistic investigation and the development of innovative ideas”.

Alas at 7pm on a Sunday evening it was closed, but at least that gives me a reason to get off at Edge Hill next time I’m passing through.

If you feel I’ve not done Edge Hill station justice, you’re probably right. Go check out what Scott, “railway architecture fan” and former Edge Hill student had to say about it on his travels around every station on the Merseyrail map.

Frequent electric train MERSEYRAIL

Undergraduate Prospectus 1983-84 Map

Keeping up the weekly posts of maps from years gone by is this lovely example from the back cover of the 1983 prospectus. It’s similar in design to last week’s example from 1989 but with even less concern that roads should go where they actually are. The appearance of St Helens and Warrington on this map makes it even stranger that they’re absent six years later. Salford is cryptically plotted by an unfilled circle as if to say “well done Salford, but you’re no Manchester, are you?”

My favourite bit of the map is probably the note about rail connections:

Main Line INTER-CITY services to Liverpool (Lime Street)
Frequent electric train MERSEYRAIL Liverpool to Ormskirk