To Harrogate, York and The Dales!

Now that we’ve established that blogging about old Edge Hill maps is a perfectly normal thing to do, let’s have a look at another one.

North West Map

This one is from the back cover of the Edge Hill College of Higher Education In-service Advanced Studies prospectus from 1989:

In-service Advance Studies 1989

The map shows Edge Hill’s Ormskirk campus and Woodlands, the in-service centre in Chorley acquired in the early 1980s.

I love how it a completely disproportionate view of the North West. Black and red lines for roads seem to have been thrown on almost at random. The A59 just gives up around Clitheroe, pointing to exotic places like Harrogate and York! It might as well have a label marking “Here Be Dragons”. ┬áThe choice of places marked on the map, and how they’re indicated shows no pattern – why plot Runcorn but not St Helens or Warrington which are far larger? ┬áLeeds is actually far closer than it appears.

I’d be interested to know how many in-service students managed to find their way to Ormskirk and Woodlands in 1989!