A personal message from the Director #2

This prospectus is for all those seeking to make a choice in higher education whether they are at present at school, at sixth-form college or at a college of further education college or are contemplating a return to or part-time study.

In the rapidly changing economic and social conditions of today there is no doubt that a diploma or degree course is invaluable in terms of personal development and enjoyment as well as in terms of your career prospects.

In particular, the College welcomes mature students and students from ethnic minorities and benefits from the wide variety of their ages, backgrounds and experiences. After a period of work, of unemployment or of bringing up a family, mature students find our courses rejuvenating and refreshing and it provides them with new career opportunities of many kinds.

Edge Hill College, with more than 2,000 full-time and part-time students, is large enough to provide a wide variety of courses but small to ensure that individuals receive the attention they need. The strengths of the College lie in the high standards of the courses we offer leading to diplomas and degrees of the University of Lancaster; the large well-qualified tutorial, residential and administrative staff: and the quality of the students we recruit. We are especially pleased at the high level and variety of employment gained by our graduates at the present time.

We have always been able to expect of Edge Hill students a strong commitment to their studies, a realism about the place of higher education in their lives and careers and, last but not least, a capacity to enjoy and make the most of all that the College has to offer. If you would like to come and form your own opinion of the College. you would be most welcome to visit us in a group or as an individual. Your teachers would be welcome to discuss courses and your needs and aspirations with college staff by letter, by telephone or on a visit. Communications of this kind should be addressed to Mr D. Matthews, Senior Tutor (Tel. 0695 75171 Extn. 222).


I wouldn’t dream of accusing Mr Harry Webster of copying Marjorie Stanton’s introduction, but – how can we put it – he appears to have taken some inspiration from it!