Frequent electric train MERSEYRAIL

Undergraduate Prospectus 1983-84 Map

Keeping up the weekly posts of maps from years gone by is this lovely example from the back cover of the 1983 prospectus. It’s similar in design to last week’s example from 1989 but with even less concern that roads should go where they actually are. The appearance of St Helens and Warrington on this map makes it even stranger that they’re absent six years later. Salford is cryptically plotted by an unfilled circle as if to say “well done Salford, but you’re no Manchester, are you?”

My favourite bit of the map is probably the note about rail connections:

Main Line INTER-CITY services to Liverpool (Lime Street)
Frequent electric train MERSEYRAIL Liverpool to Ormskirk

A personal message from the Director #1

This prospectus is addressed to all who are seeking to make a choice in higher education whether you are at present at school, at sixth-form or further education college or are contemplating a return to full-time or part-time study.

Despite the economic and social problems of the present time there is no doubt that the experience of an undergraduate course is invaluable in terms of personal development and enjoyment as well as in terms of career prospects and of life enrichment.

Older entrants, after a period of work or of bringing up a family, find the experience rejuvenating and refreshing. For many, perhaps especially those who are retired or not at present in employment, a return to study opens up new opportunities.

Edge Hill College, with just over 1,630 full-time equivalent students, is large enough to provide a wide variety of courses but small enough to ensure that individuals are not lost in the crowd. The strengths of the College lie in the high standards of the courses we offer leading to University of Lancaster degrees, the large well qualified tutorial residential and administrative staff and the quality of students recruited. I am especially pleased at the high level of employment gained by our graduates at the present time.

We have always been able to expect of Edge Hill students a sense of commitment to their studies, a realism about the place of higher education in their lives and careers and, by no means last, a capacity to enjoy and make the most of all that the College has to offer.

If you would like to come and form your own opinion of the College, you would be most welcome to visit us on a group or individual basis. Your teachers would be welcome to discuss courses and your needs and aspirations with College staff by letter, by telephone or on a visit.


This introduction is from the 1983-1984 Undergraduate Prospectus but – after adjusting a few bits – wouldn’t be out of place today. Marjorie Stanton’s signature indicates it must have been produced in 1982 for applicants starting the following year.