“Edge Hill… isn’t that in Birmingham?”


Okay, I’ve got a confession to make – I quite like maps. You can stop laughing now. I’m amazed by the amount of detail a good cartographer (that’s the technical term for someone who makes maps, don’t ya know) can get into a few lines.

“Yes Michael, very good, but how does this relate to Edge Hill?” Well, it could be said that Edge Hill has a problem explaining where it is. Its name doesn’t relate to its location (and hasn’t done for nearly 80 years); telling people Edge Hill is in Ormskirk usually doesn’t help much! So over the years, prospectuses have used maps to show where we are and how to get here, and I’m going to show you some of them over the next few months!

The above map is slightly confusingly at an angle and there have been substantial changes around Ormskirk. Missing is Park Road which bypasses the clocktower connecting Aughton Street and Church Street. The bus station moved across the road and closer to the train station (the old bus station is now Kwik Fit). Perhaps the most notable omission is the M58 – the road is marked as Skelmersdale by pass dating it in the 1970s.

The Duke

Duke of Edinburgh

Why bother finding my own interesting clips from the archives when you can get the Ormskirk Advertiser to do the hard work for you? This photo was featured in the LookBack column on Thursday 24th April 2003 and is captioned:

In this week’s dip into our pictorial archives we wonder if anyone remembers the time when Prince Philip was taken to the cleaners. Literally. As part of a visit to Edge Hill college the Duke of Edinburgh stopped to chat to the college cleaners as he made his royal progress through the grounds.

Cryptically there is no further information than this leaving us to wonder when it was from (1960s?) and what exactly he’d said to make the cleaners stare at him so intently.

Edge Hill College of Education

Edge Hill College of Education

There’s no date on this prospectus – it was on the shelf marked 1980s but it feels a little earlier than that. It’s amazing how much the prospectus industry has changed. This one was maybe 12 pages long with half a dozen photos – I’ll possibly pick some out in the future – while now they are full colour and much more in-depth.