The brand-new Edge Hill campus (of 1933)

Thanks to the generosity of Edge Hill alumnus and Honorary Fellow Anne Laing, we are able to look at these amazing images of the campus during its first two years of opening, 1933-35.

Here are a few selected images. You can see them all as a slideshow or gallery.

Scan 3
Note view straight through to the Quad.

Scan 1
Note haywain.

Scan 15
Lovely snow image – the footprints lead to what looks like an allotment.

scan 11
Do not try this in the present. (Is this Ruff Lane?)

scan 12
A beautiful, formal shot of Hale Hall.

These candid snaps are both evocative and informative. Thanks Anne!

Rushworth & Dreaper


You know when you go to places like Alton Towers and they try to sell you an over-priced photo of you with your eyes closed on a roller coaster? I assumed that was a relatively recent phenomenon and restricted to the tackier side of entertainment attractions, but it seems I was wrong…

Taken during a visit to the Rushworth & Dreaper Collection of Antique Musical Instruments, 13 Islington Liverpool.

Rushworth & Dreaper 1928

Students of Edge Hill Training College. 30th May 1928

It seems it was so much fun they had to go back a few years later:

Rushworth & Dreaper 1931

Miss Deakin & Students, Edge Hill Training College. 17th June 1931

And by then it was a regular visit out:

Rushworth & Dreaper 1932

Miss M. Deakin & Students, Edge Hill Training College. 6th June 1932