15 thoughts on “Caption competition

  1. [Girl in the middle] “… and they give you a badge for this?”

    [Girl on left] “Ssshh. If I talk my nose will bleed”

  2. Topsy Turvy Day celebrations at EH were later banned due to new health and safety legislation

  3. It was 7 hours and one embarrassing accident later that the girls realised that there must be better ways to eradicate headlice

  4. Girl in the centre: “I wish someone would hurry up and invent the Babyliss Pro Ceramic Hair Iron.”

  5. The students hadn’t quite understood when their tutor told them to practise their “critical thinking.”

  6. Such a shame that back in the day the girls of Edge Hill had to resort to such drastic measures to control the cellulite…It would be years until the appearance of Gok Wan!

  7. “I know we had a few too many at the SUB last night, but I didn’t think we would really be barred!”

  8. He he, Darren. You’re braver than I am about the parking. I was tempted!

  9. And Here we can see the Edge Hill vampires just awakening from their sleeeeeeep!!!! (Shouts the documentary maker as they run away when they see the girl on the rights fangs and the turn to stone glare of the girl in centre and just realise that it is their breakfast timeā€¦)

  10. Edge Hill welcomes its first exchange students from Australia.

  11. “Girls there must be easier ways of getting an all over TAN.”

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