The College

From a very early prospectus presented by The County Council for the County Palatine of Lancaster comes the following:

The College offers a Three-Year course for men and women students preparing to teach in Primary and Secondary schools.

Edge Hill College, which was founded in 1885 in Liverpool, was transferred to new buildings in September, 1933. A further building programme was completed in 1962. The present College is situated on the outskirts of Ormskirk in grounds of 40 acres, at an elevation of 200 feet above sea level.

Halls of residence and additional buildings accommodate 520 students, in single study – bedrooms. In addition a few students can be accommodated in rooms in Ormskirk, and there are also places for a small number of non-resident students.

Ample arrangements for all kinds of outdoor activities are provided, and the College has its own swimming bath.

The College is inter-denominational. There are daily prayers, and students are welcomed at the Ormskirk Parish Church and at the other local churches.

The brochure also includes a couple of photos courtesy of Lancashire Life:

Common Room


4 thoughts on “The College

  1. You need to know its height above sea level, don’t you? Can’t work out where the top picture was taken. It doesn’t look like any room I know at Edge Hill. Any ideas?

  2. In these days of global warming 200 feet could be the difference between a seaside view and the rolling plains that we have!

  3. Top picture looks like the downstairs at the terrace cafe, windows to the left open out onto the quad…..

  4. Top picture is indeed the Terrace Cafe, however, the windows to the right lead out into the quad. The windows to the left now lead into the serving area and the tills sit against the left handside openings.
    The arched doorway at the far end leads onto the main corridor, evidence of which (the arch top) can still be seen on the corridor wall above the glazed tiles opposite Directorate.

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