A personal message from the Director #4

Ruth GeeEdge Hill College has been providing high quality education for many years, well over a century in fact. We pride ourselves however on meeting the needs of the future, whilst building on the best of the past.

We recognise that students want opportunities to develop their knowledge and scholarship to higher education level whilst at the same time acquiring the transferable skills to best equip them for the demands of the next century.

Every student, regardless of their sex, race, age or class and despite any disability they might have is offered that opportunity at Edge Hill. Whatever your background, however you have spent your life up to this point, you will be assessed on your ability to benefit from the course you select.

If after reading this prospectus you remain uncertain, come and look for yourself. You would be most welcome to come on your own, with a friend or in a group. Contact the Access and Equal Opportunities Unit and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

I am confident that Edge Hill and its attractive 45 acre campus with just over 3,000 students is large enough to provide a wide variety of relevant, flexible learning opportunities, but small enough to meet your individual needs. Our record speaks for itself. If you decide to come to Edge Hill, I’m confident you will complete your course, acquire the qualification you wanted and go on to find a rewarding career. In the process we hope you’ll be stimulated by a rich teaching and learning experience.

The choice is yours. We hope you’ll decide to join us.

Director/Chief Executive

We’ve had Majorie Stanton and Harry Webster but now it’s the turn of Ruth Gee to welcome readers of the 1992 prospectus.