Rushworth & Dreaper


You know when you go to places like Alton Towers and they try to sell you an over-priced photo of you with your eyes closed on a roller coaster? I assumed that was a relatively recent phenomenon and restricted to the tackier side of entertainment attractions, but it seems I was wrong…

Taken during a visit to the Rushworth & Dreaper Collection of Antique Musical Instruments, 13 Islington Liverpool.

Rushworth & Dreaper 1928

Students of Edge Hill Training College. 30th May 1928

It seems it was so much fun they had to go back a few years later:

Rushworth & Dreaper 1931

Miss Deakin & Students, Edge Hill Training College. 17th June 1931

And by then it was a regular visit out:

Rushworth & Dreaper 1932

Miss M. Deakin & Students, Edge Hill Training College. 6th June 1932