4 thoughts on “Greetings from Edge Hill College Ormskirk

  1. I can see the unchanged appearance in 4 of the photos, however, where is the housecraft room now on campus?

    It’s obvious that the swimming pool is unchanged along with the old gymnasium and dining hall is now sages but the housecraft room is what?

  2. It looks like the old Geography block to me. Mind you, on second glance, look at the shape of the beams. Is it upstairs in the Main building?

  3. Yes, probably, Mike. There were still a few of the old buildings left, and in the process of being demolished, when I studied here (91-94). The student “Common Room” was an old long shed in the area that is now the Western Campus! There was a kettle and we brought our own stuff in. And that wasn’t so long ago! How things have changed.

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