Wanted: memories!

The alumni team are keen to extract memories of Edge Hill from anyone who studied here and to persuade you to send them in have sent me some quotes from one of Edge Hill’s more well known graduates, Stuart Maconie.

If you have something to share, you can email Caroline Mitchell in the alumni office or leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to pass on the details.

I was asked “how does an English graduate end up being a DJ?” I do regard the DJ bit as being a bit of an aberration. I don’t know quite how I fell into it – and I don’t know when and how I will fall out of it – but the love of literature, and I say this not in a poncy way, though, inevitably, it will sound that way, was instilled in me by the people and things I did here. I chose Edge Hill because it had a great 20th century literature course and it was here I first got excited about Lawrence, Green, Hardy, TS Eliot and Auden. I recorded an edition of Celebrity Mastermind – I’m living the dream now – please watch it to see just what a good education Edge Hill can instil into people.

The quote is from the awarding of Stuart’s honorary degree which you can see here – skip forward to about 50 minutes:

There will be “an audience with” event next month – stay tuned for details of how to get tickets!

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