On This Day 1963: Beatlemania Hits Ormskirk

Beatles 1963

Forty-seven years ago the biggest band in the world visited Edge Hill’s Ormskirk campus for an intimate gig at the Student Union bar. Few photos or other details of the night remain but if you were there, share your memories in the comments!

Update: okay, maybe this isn’t quite true but soon we’ll have a guest post about a band which really did play at Edge Hill College!

9 thoughts on “On This Day 1963: Beatlemania Hits Ormskirk

  1. I actually would’ve fell for this if it weren’t for the dodgy photoshop job!

  2. I was at Edge Hill College when the Beatles came. They played in what was the dining room not the Student Union. The woman in the picture was the Vice-Principal.

    1962-1965 Clough Hall

  3. The person between George and Ringo looks like Ken Dodd trying out his Lily Savage act – 30 years ahead of his time – though Lennon looks less than impressed.

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