How to beat the problem of traffic

Town Centre

Continuing a series of posts from the Liverpool Daily Post’s Changing Face of Ormskirk supplement is this map of Ormskirk Town Centre showing plans for pedestrianisation.

The problems facing Ormskirk are similar to those facing most towns large and small in this country – problems created and aggravated to a large degree by the motor vehicle.

[T]he Ormskirk town centre control map was prepared in 1964. This plan endeavours to retain the character and atmosphere of the existing town whilst encouraging redevelopment and revitalisation of those parts of the central area which are less attractive or in danger of becoming rundown from a business point of view.

The four chief factors which have governed the preparation of the plan are:

  1. The segregation of pedestrians and vehicles within the shopping centre.
  2. Circulation of traffic
  3. Rear servicing
  4. Adequate car parking facilities.

The article goes on to suggest some of the more outlandish ideas of the time including the M59 running from Bickerstaffe to Preston!

3 thoughts on “How to beat the problem of traffic

  1. Interesting…a lot of these changes did happen, whereas some were a little more ambitious…

    Oh, and I wonder why they decided to use the London Transport roundel as a symbol for the bus station? Alleviate the congestion with a connection to the Tube, perhaps…?

  2. That symbol isn’t just London Underground – similar symbols are used on Ordnance Survey maps too.

    The areas reserved for local government are vast but the proposed site for the council offices was never used, instead building further down Derby Street.

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