Dredge was the name of Edge Hill’s rag magazine from – I believe – 1969. At least that’s the only date written in there and seems to fit in with the principal’s reign. Ken Millins introduces the mag with a poem:

I wish Dredge well,
Just Rag hilarity,
It deserves to sell,
In the cause of charity.

P. K. C. Millins,

Flicking through there are quite a few adverts for companies you might recognise. Ormskirk Motors is still going strong on County Road.  Taylor’s seems to have had it’s spot on Moor Street since The Dawn Of Time (although I’d be interested to know what Fancy Goods they sell!).  The Ormskirk Advertiser closed its office and moved production to Southport a couple of years ago while Woolworth’s old building is about to become an Iceland.  The award for most fitting advert (considering it’s in a rag mag) has to go to Hattersley Valve Company.

If you enjoy reading Dredge why not donate some money (at least 2/-) to Rag?

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