An audience with… Stuart Maconie

As previously mentioned, Stuart Maconie will be coming to Edge Hill for a special event next month. Details have just been released so apply for your ticket now.

We might get to hear some memories of his time at Edge Hill, like this one he recounted at the award of his honorary degree:

Stuart Maconie“Music was one of my main loves when I came here. I remember when I came to take my place in Lancs Hall with my mate Nigel, with our array of musical instruments and the fledgling band we had at the time. We once got kicked out of the music rooms which had pianos because we were told they weren’t for bands. They were for people to sit and play Debussy‚Äôs tunes, not for two or three blokes from Wigan to thrash about making a racket. At the time I thought it was the man trying to stop my music but I realise now that it was perfectly reasonable.

“Quite soon after I got here, the Hall President, who was a nice Welsh bloke called Dewi, was very into rugger, very into Chris Rea, very into all the kind of music and things that me, being a lad from Wigan, at the time thought terrible. We once heard about a letter that he had written home that said: ‘I was rather hoping for some good fellows to go drinking with who could form a rugby team with me, but all I seem to have got is some punk rockers with electric guitars.’ I, of course, thought this was wildly exciting and it made my chest swell with pride.”

To attend this free event on Thursday 29th April, email the Corporate Events team at [email protected], quoting reference 03, to book your place. The event starts at 6pm.

Please do not post a comment requesting a ticket – you need to email the address above!

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