Edge Hill Winery

Only time for a couple more other Edge Hills and today yet another from across the pond:

Established in 1867, Edge Hill was the first significant three-level, gravity-fed winery in Napa Valley, and by 1880, it was one of the four wineries responsible for over half of the Valley’s wine production. In 1999, this legacy inspired Edge Hill’s new steward, Leslie Rudd, to begin the historic restoration of the winery and estate, and return Edge Hill to the prominence it had enjoyed in the 19th century. The restoration of Registered Distillery No. 209 (built on the estate in 1882, and pictured here) is now finished, and we have turned our sights to the old stone winery, which should be completed sometime in 2006.

3 thoughts on “Edge Hill Winery

  1. Very pretty. What I wouldn’t give to be sitting in that shade right now, with a crisp white!

  2. And I though this was just another forum where we could moan about parking

  3. I was expecting details of a new possible hobby, gutted when I seen it was in America

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