Sarah Yelf

Sarah J Yelf

Sarah Yelf was the first principal of Edge Hill College from 1885 to 1890. On her retirement on health grounds the committee had the following to say:

Miss Yelf by the wisdom with which she arranged the general rules, discipline and curriculum of the College, not less than by the conscientiousness, earnestness and christian temper of mind with which she addressed herself to the arduous duties of her anxious task soon raised the College to an honourable position among the Female Training Colleges of the kingdom, and she leaves it with the high rank of fifth on the list of all those Colleges as attested by the last Government examination. it is impossible for the Committee to speak too highly of the beneficent influence which Miss Yelf by her strength of character, firmness, loftiness of mind and affectionate solicitude for their truest welfare, has exercised upon the development of the characters of the Students committed to her charge.

Well said!



Thank you to Hazel Gee for saving my bacon this bank holiday and emailing me some postcards of Edge Hill so I can post this while out for lunch!

Lady Margaret

Karin Arkinstall from Finance write:

Hi Mike,

We were fascinated with the picture of Clough hall which is a replica of our room (Finance-Lady Margaret).
Do you have any pictures of our room?…If so, we would really appreciate an A4 picture which we could get framed for the office. If not the copy of Clough would be good (preferably without the reference to Clough).

Well done for the blogs which have been followed with interest by members of Finance…

Many Thanks


I could give you a copy of the picture of Clough Hall but deep down inside you’d know it wasn’t really your office, wouldn’t you?!

So it’s a good job Frith & Co were such prolific publishers of postcards!

Lady Margaret

Lady Margaret

Spot the difference

Yesterday, Roy commented on the postcard of the Courtyard:

One of ther least-changed views of the campus?

I decided to find out, so iPhone in hand went down to the courtyard to recreate the classic photo:


Pretty close but the lens angle isn’t quite wide enough to get the full vista. Of course it wouldn’t be authentic if I didn’t have a version in SEPIATYPE!

Courtyard Sepia

And for comparison, here’s the original postcard. Gone are a couple of chimneys and a few new plants have been added over the decades but otherwise it’s pretty similar – Roy could be right!

The Courtyard, Edge Hill Training College, Ormskirk

The Courtyard, Edge Hill Training College, Ormskirk

The Courtyard, Edge Hill Training College, Ormskirk

A couple of weeks ago while rummaging through the archives I came across a box of blank, unused postcards. It’s quite hard to date them, indeed it’s likely they were produced over a period of time.

I believe postcard geeks like to see the back of the card, so here it is! Printed by Valentine & Sons Ltd as part of their “SEPIATYPE” series!

The Courtyard, Edge Hill Training College, Ormskirk