• On behalf of the Committee

    What are wanted are an Art Room for the teaching of Drawing, a room for Physical Exercises, a Library, a room adapted for Science Teaching, and Sleeping Accommodation for the Students who now go out td sleep in the two rented houses in Durning Road. All these can be provided on our own land without […]

  • Tuition Fees: £24 16/-

    Another item of Trix Cooke’s sent in by Barbara Taylor. This is an invoice dated 22nd December 1950 for payment of £24 16/-. It’s interesting to see how not much has changed in the last 60 years and the bill is being sent to Mr Cooke, presumably Trix’s father. You’ll be relieved to know that […]

  • Congratulations on your success in the Final Examination

    1st August 1951 Dear Miss Cooke Congratulations on your success in the Final Examination. It does credit both to your own hard work and to the College, and I am all the more pleased about it because I know that it is no mere ‘flash in the pan’ but that your teaching will reflect in […]

  • The Principal

    There is no doubt that Miss Hale was a very great lady; to most of us a remote and powerful presence, yet to anyone in real distress she could be infinitely kind. Her mental capacity and her ability to deal with the many difficulties that wartime brought were without parallel. She was really an old […]

  • Memorandum from the Principal

    100 years ago and Edge Hill was celebrating it’s twenty fifth anniversary: May 18th, 1910. Memorandum from the Principal. My Dear Students, You will be glad to know that the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the College will be kept on July 2nd next. Note the date, for the fourth Saturday in June – the date of […]