• New Television Studio

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vC6B5g5oLPI Today’s event was Peter Salmon, Director of BBC North, visiting the campus to open the new television studio in the LINC. I managed to catch the second half of his talk to media and PR students about the move to Media City in Salford that happens next year and some of the opportunities that…

  • The brand-new Edge Hill campus (of 1933)

    Thanks to the generosity of Edge Hill alumnus and Honorary Fellow Anne Laing, we are able to look at these amazing images of the campus during its first two years of opening, 1933-35. Here are a few selected images. You can see them all as a slideshow or gallery. Note view straight through to the…

  • Even more Library photos!

  • The Night Before Christmas

    We already know that the University Library (or LRC) opened on 31st January 1994 but I’ve now got hold of some photos of the final stages of kitting it out including some faces you might recognise:

  • Edge Hill College Outside Broadcast Unit

    It appears that not only did Edge Hill College Television have loads of kit but they also had their own van! The registration plate on this Austin 1ton van dates it no earlier than 1963 but I imagine the photo it from later.

  • Apple Mac

    I’m saving the good posts for later in the week while I’m away down in that there London so today you get a picture of an oldish Apple Mac that I found in the archives.

  • Edge Hill College Television

    Edge Hill has long had a wealth of technology available to students. No date on these photos of Edge Hill College Television were taken – maybe someone with a better knowledge of cameras than me can help – but I would guess at late 1970s. Note the presence of Test Card F in the final…