• The brand-new Edge Hill campus (of 1933)

    Thanks to the generosity of Edge Hill alumnus and Honorary Fellow Anne Laing, we are able to look at these amazing images of the campus during its first two years of opening, 1933-35. Here are a few selected images. You can see them all as a slideshow or gallery. Note view straight through to the […]

  • Edge Hill Metal

    In a previous post I visited Edge Hill station and mentioned that the arts and culture space Metal was housed in one of the buildings but since I visited at 7pm on a Sunday night it was unsurprisingly closed! The other day BBC Breakfast visited Metal in a feature about old railway buildings: What happens […]

  • Still Nobody Cares, And Nobody Learns

    125 by 125 is back after the mid-season hiatus with more miscellany from the history of Edge Hill.  Today’s post came in just too late to be included in the main 125 and is from Liverpool-tech-geek-entrepreneur Adrian McEwen.  Last week Adrian blogged about the changes happening right now in the Edge Hill district of Liverpool. […]

  • Edge Hill Winery

    Only time for a couple more other Edge Hills and today yet another from across the pond: Established in 1867, Edge Hill was the first significant three-level, gravity-fed winery in Napa Valley, and by 1880, it was one of the four wineries responsible for over half of the Valley’s wine production. In 1999, this legacy […]

  • Edge Hill, Georgia

    An alert from Google this morning led me to find some more Edge Hills on Wikipedia including the City of Edge Hill, Georgia: Edge Hill is a city in Glascock County, Georgia, United States. The population was 30 at the 2000 census. It currently is the smallest town in Georgia. As of the census[1] of 2000, there were 30 people, […]

  • Not getting off at Edge Hill

    This post has been saved – unwritten – as a draft since I started this series of posts. The plan was to catch a train to Edge Hill one weekend, take a look around and some photos and write something interesting for the blog. That hasn’t happened. Instead I find myself with just a dozen […]

  • The walk file: Edge Hill, Warwickshire

    Yesterday’s Financial Times featured details of a walk up Edge Hill in Warwickshire: Even at this limited altitude, just a couple of hundred metres above sea level, the views west show the plains of south Warwickshire stretching far into the horizon. A mile and a half down from the trail is the spot where, in […]

  • Edgehill Mountain Park, San Francisco, California

    People have now started telling me about other Edgehills and Edge Hills they’ve heard of and today’s hat tip goes to Andy Butler for pointing me to Edgehill Mountain Park in the Golden State. Edgehill Mountain Park might be stretching the definition of mountain a little but it looks interesting nonetheless. A little searching led […]

  • Edgehill Studios Cafe

    In Edgehill Village, Nashville Tennessee there’s a coffee shop where everybody knows your name: Edgehill Studios Cafe. Edgehill Studios constantly crop up on my Twitter alerts (even more often than the Groove Armada song!) with people going down for a coffee or to see some live music. One such alert popped up this morning so […]

  • The Battle of Edgehill

    This painting depicts the eve of the famous Battle of Edgehill in Warwickshire. It’s part of a collection at the Walker Art Gallery but unfortunately my sources inform me it’s not currently on display. But there are lots of other nice things there along with a great little coffee shop!