• The brand-new Edge Hill campus (of 1933)

    Thanks to the generosity of Edge Hill alumnus and Honorary Fellow Anne Laing, we are able to look at these amazing images of the campus during its first two years of opening, 1933-35. Here are a few selected images. You can see them all as a slideshow or gallery. Note view straight through to the…

  • Lancashire Hall

    An interesting article about the old Lancashire Hall from an issue of Edgeways: ONE of Edge Hill’s best-known buildings has been demolished to make way for a multi-million pound new development. Lancashire Hall, home to thousands of students since it was built in 1962, has been pulled down, to be replaced by an exciting new…

  • 125 banners

    I’ve not walked in the front entrance of Edge Hill for a week or two so didn’t notice when these two huge banners with “1885-2010” and “125 Years” went up but I took a photo earlier. I really like it!

  • Old College Place

    As well as visiting Edge Hill station last Sunday I paid a visit to the former site of Edge Hill College on Durning Road. Following the closure of Edge Hill Secondary Modern for Boys it’s been replaced with a housing estate but there’s a nice nod to its past with one of the streets called…

  • The Night Before Christmas

    We already know that the University Library (or LRC) opened on 31st January 1994 but I’ve now got hold of some photos of the final stages of kitting it out including some faces you might recognise:

  • The Old New Library

    One of the very early posts in this series showed an artist’s impression of the Student Information Centre – originally built as a library. Colleagues in Learning Services unearthed these photos of the build.

  • The Old Library

  • The Reading Room

    It’s possible this photo is the source for one of the common room photos such as Clough or Lady Margaret but it may have been taken separately. It’s captioned: Borneo Whitewood (Shorea plagata) flooring in the Reading Room, December 1934. So little over a year after Edge Hill College moved to Ormskirk.

  • Front Entrance

    And without the front porch…

  • Durning Road Enlargement

    These architects’ plans show the proposed enlargement to the Durning Road site in the early 20th century. The extension opened on 31st October 1903 with three new classrooms, two laboratories, a library, gymnasium and two additional dormitories. Despite extensive fund raising, the College was still had a debt on the building works to the tune…