6 thoughts on “The Old Library

  1. Wow, what great pictures Mike. How we have moved on from a traditional library with the old card index seen in picture 3 (when you had paper library tickets), to a world of online information and computers!

  2. And so clean! Not a crisp packet or lemonade bottle in sight! Unlike our current Library, when students have been studying!

  3. Hi Mike and others

    When the Ormskirk site was built, the current Sages was the dining room for the whole college (several photos prove this). So where was the library from 1933? I think it was in the current SCR, and have a very nice photo from the late 50s/ early 60s of the library in what looks like the SCR. The current SIC housed the library from 1971 to 1994, but Sages also housed the ERC (Education Resource Collection) for some (all?) of this period.

    I’d welcome further evidence on these hypotheses and queries!

  4. Hi again

    I’ve had a chat this evening with Ruth Jenkinson (Head of Library and Information Services up to 2000) who confirms that the original site of the college library was indeed the present SCR, presumably up to 1971 when the “new” library (the current SIC) was built. She thinks that by the late 70s the library needed to expand, with the growing number of students, and the ERC was transferred to the current Sages area. The full collection was consolidated into the present LRC in 1994.


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