Projection & Reflection

Guest post by Rachel Bury from Learning Services

Projection & Reflection

Last night saw me and friends from the University at the CUC Gallery in Liverpool for an exciting 125 event which was very much the future! We were in the fabulous CUC gallery space which is an old Victorian warehouse in the city centre of Liverpool. The Projection and Reflection exhibition is in the basement, which suited the media brilliantly, very much a juxtaposition of the old and the new.

Projection and Reflection was a collaborative event with staff from the University’s Media Department and a previous Media lecturer who is now at Nottingham Trent. The pieces in the exhibition were using interactive media, animation and film. There are a number of fantastic media pieces that used the basement space so well but my favorites were the ABSROW installation where the audience has to get involved (go and see the exhibition and see the smiling tree!) and Russell Murray’s ‘Where We Went When We Left This Place’ ..the imagery and patterns did really take you into a virtual world which could be anything you wanted it to be, could be your past or future dreams.

The space in the basement was very dark and the music and projection was very atmospheric. A discussion started about would we see this in our this type of media something we might use to set the mood of your home and the concensus from the group was yes.

The exhibition is on until 27th August and I would recommend a visit just to see some of the ways artists are using technology to convey abstract images and very personal human experiences and thoughts and also you get an opportunity to interact which is always a great way to get people involved with technology.