About Roy Bayfield

I'm the Director of Corporate Marketing at Edge Hill University.

The brand-new Edge Hill campus (of 1933)

Thanks to the generosity of Edge Hill alumnus and Honorary Fellow Anne Laing, we are able to look at these amazing images of the campus during its first two years of opening, 1933-35.

Here are a few selected images. You can see them all as a slideshow or gallery.

Scan 3
Note view straight through to the Quad.

Scan 1
Note haywain.

Scan 15
Lovely snow image – the footprints lead to what looks like an allotment.

scan 11
Do not try this in the present. (Is this Ruff Lane?)

scan 12
A beautiful, formal shot of Hale Hall.

These candid snaps are both evocative and informative. Thanks Anne!

Edge Hill retro-fashion

A fascinating gift from a long-standing Alumnus has arrived in the 125 Office. Apparently in the very earliest years at Ormskirk, the (all-female) students were all given a silk square to wear when they commenced their studies:


It has lasted remarkably well for 70+ years. Perhaps the narrow gold stripes were a bit brighter when it was woven but the heliotrope and green are still very fresh.

The precious original has been stashed in the 125 Archive and no others are know to exist. But the 125 Team are wondering if there would be a market for these if new ones were made? Or if they would make a good gift for visitors?