Parking Information – new application process

As parking at Edge Hill University is extremely limited, please note that parking is reserved for permit holders only. If you are a student, member of staff or Sporting Edge please apply for your permit online from Workflow Dynamics (The Parking Shop) at from Wednesday 14th September 2011 onwards.

If you already hold an old style card permit, you are required to re-apply for a new permit, as the old permits will soon become invalid.

There are a number of restrictions on permit applications that may affect your eligibility. You will be informed whether you are eligible during the initial stages of your application. More information and guidance on parking arrangements can be found in the T&PMS 2011/12.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the online application system?
The online application system is handled by Workflow Dynamics (The Parking Shop) on behalf of Edge Hill University.

You should now apply online from 14th September 2011 onwards. Students enrolling on 14th, 15th and 16th September will be invited to apply online as part of the enrolment process and assistance will be made available.

I am having trouble with the system
Please bear with us as this is a new system and we are in the process of resolving some teething problems. Please note that if you are eligible for a permit, you will receive one, and at this stage there is no urgency in applying. During the initial phases of this new system, there will inevitably be a period of adjustment and no enforcement will take place until we are confident that the system is working correctly.

How do I receive my permit?
If you are eligible, your permit will be posted to your address. You will be able to print a recipt which will act as a temporary permit until the official permit is received.

Where do I find my staff/student/Sporting Edge number?
Staff should use their payroll number which can be found on their payslip. Please contact the Payroll Department if you are unsure.
Students should use their 8-digit student number which is supplied at enrolment. Sporting Edge members should receive a membership number on registration.

What criteria is used to assess eligibility?
Your address will determine whether or not you are eligible to park on campus, as we need to give preference to those campus users who are travelling from further distances. If you live within 5km of the campus, or near to a bus or train station which directly serves Ormskirk, you are likely to be ineligible as you are encouraged to use public transport instead. Full details are available in the T&PMS 2011/12. During the initial stages of the application process your eligibility will be assessed and you will be advised accordingly.

What if I have special circumstances which require me to be able to park on campus?
If you have special circumstances, including medical conditions, you will have an opportunity to inform us of these during the online application process. Please follow the instructions given on the website. Your circumstances will then be assessed and manually approved or rejected as appropriate. Please provide as much information as possible, and be prepared to supply evidence. You will receive a temporary permit to print out whilst your application is being considered but it is your responsibility to provide your evidence promptly.

What provisions have been made for disabled users?
Holders of a disability Blue Badge do not need to apply for a separate Edge Hill permit as displaying your Blue Badge will be sufficient. If you have a temporary disability (including pregnancy) which requires you to have access to disabled parking bays, please apply under ‘Special Circumstances’ and provide details of your condition as above. Evidence will be required.

Are permits required for motorbikes?
Permits are not required for motorbikes, scooters or bicycles. Please park sensibly so as not to restrict space for cars or cause an obstruction to other campus users.

Where am I allowed to park?
Full terms and conditions, including details of new ‘parking zones’ are available during the application process. You must adhere to the permitted zones in accordance with the conditions. Our Traffic Management Assistants will be able to direct you on arrival to campus.

Do I have to obtain a new permit every year?
Yes. All permits are valid for 1 year only (maximum) and you will need to re-apply just prior to the expiry date so that we can ensure your details are up-to-date.

I have an old Edge Hill parking permit with a valid expiry date – do I still need to apply online?
Yes. In order for the system to work effectively, we require all staff, students and Sporting Edge members to apply online. The old parking permits will soon become invalid.

What other travel options are available?
For more information on sustainable travel, including public transport, please visit: In addition, Ormskirk Town Centre Pay & Display parking maps are available from the FM Helpdesk in the Durning Centre foyer.

Can I still obtain a Car Share permit?
The Car Share Scheme allows priority parking at the front of campus for cars with 2 or more permit holders (staff and/or student only). For more information please visit:

13 thoughts on “Parking Information – new application process

    • Dear Susan, you have not said what the problem is. You should be able to apply online at and enter your Sporting Edge membership number. If you are rejected on the grounds of your proximity to the University, you have the option to apply under Special Circumstances for consideration. I hope this helps.

  1. Hi

    I applied for a permit but my printer broke and I was unable to save the reciept. I did note down the permit reference number. I still hold an old permit from last year also. If my new permit does not arrive in time for 28th September can I still use my old permit and make a note in my window of my new permit reference until the new permit arrives? or does it have to be an official receipt?

    • Hi Hannah, if you revisit the website and enter your student/staff number and postcode you should have an option to view and print your receipt. The old style permits will no longer be valid.

  2. I applied for a permit on the 15th September when enrolling. I have a temporary permit but still have not received my permit in the post. Any ideas when I will receive my permit?

    • We are experiencing a small number of software and administration issues with the completely new on-line parking permit system provided by a 3rd party. All those who possess a ‘temporary parking permit’ that has either expired or will expire this week should retain and display them in your windscreens this week. This will allow you access to the campus and parking subject to availability. Until these minor issues are resolved, it would be neither reasonable nor practical to take immediate enforcement action in accordance with the T&PMS.

  3. I already have a parking permit for the reg Y227HAB but i have recently just bought a new car and so need a new permit with my new car reg on. I have tried to do this but it keeps saying i already have a permit and there is no option to get a new one for a new car…… Can you please help?

    Tara Gould

  4. My daughter has been late for both lectures this week due to car park being full…. Permits have been given out to students who are living in Ormskirk as they have been giving false addresses to gain permits. My daughter has travelled 30 miles setting off at 8.30 her lecture began at 10.00. Due to cars backing up out of Edge Hill to the motorway she reached the Edge Hill Entrance at 10.30 only to be told by a attendant it was full. She eventually found a space in Ormskirk at 11.00 then had to walk to Edge Hill. She has missed 1.5 hours of her lecture! Priority must be given to students who travel the furthest. Could I suggest so many allocated spaces for students living the furthest away first. you could issue different badge colours for say 30 20 10 and 5 miles radius of the university. There needs to be more land allocated for parking or more stringent control over who gets permits.The system in place is not working and needs urgent attention! All students and Edge Hill will suffer if students get poor degrees due to being late for lectures. I await your response.

    Kind Regards

    Parent of Student

    • Dear Parent,

      The University manages its Car Parks in line with the Car Parking Policy. The Policy includes eligibility criteria which excludes those living in the immediate vicinity of the campus unless they demonstrate qualifying special circumstances. All applications are checked against staff and student records to ensure eligibility and evidence is requested for any claimed special circumstances, therefore we are confident that all permits have been legitimately issued.

      September, being the start of term, is a particularly busy period and this is particularly evident in the Car Parks. A short period of grace is usually allowed whilst students enrol and apply for their parking permits but more stringent enforcement will begin in October. This coupled with the fact that many students will settle into their timetable and even begin placements which take them away from the campus, should balance demand for parking spaces. We do recommend that staff and students allow plenty of time to travel to University, particularly in these first few months until things start to settle.

      Kind Regards,

      Facilities Management

      • Dear Danielle
        Thank you for responding. My daughter has had the same issues of parking for 3 years this is not new and is not being addressed. While you say this will all settle down students are missing vital studies which you have failed to address. If all students set off earlier the outcome will be the same as there are simply not enough spaces. 1000 cars will not fit into 800 spaces (example). Students will still be late for lectures. What will you be doing now to resolve this immediate problem?

  5. I am a second year student and parking permit holder. My journey into Edge Hill takes approximately 25 minutes when traffic is good. Yesterday, I left my house at 8.30am to attend a 10.00am lecture, allowing for pleanty of travel time as I know it is particularly busy first thing of a morning. I turned off the m58 at about 8.50, and the traffic was gridlocked from there. What should have been a 5/10 minute journey from the motorway to Edge Hill took me over an hour and 30 minutes. When I eventually reached the car park at around 10.40, I was immediately turned away by police. By this time, I had already missed almost half of my lecture. I had to then pay to park in Ormskirk and get the Edge Hill bus from the train station. By the time I reached my lecture it was 11.30 and there was only 30 minutes left. Needless to say I was, and still am, furious that I had missed so much of my teaching time. As a dedicated student, I value the teaching and after all, am paying £9,000 a year for it. Facilities on campus have expanded since last year and yes, campus looks amazing. But I struggle to understand the necessity for ANOTHER lake and a beach when car parking facilities are inadequate. Will I receive a partial refund from my course for all of the lectures I miss because I am being prevented from parking my car on campus, which I am fully entitled to do so? I was told by a member of the student union that it will ‘settle down’ by the end of November, when other students are on placement. While that is great, it is currently the beginning of October, and my course has started therefore I expect to be able to park my car at ALL times. I hope you are working towards resolving the present issue of parking, which needs to be addressed now as other student are NOT yet on placement, so there needs to be available parking for everyone. Not only is this effecting students, but other road users who are trying to access Ormskirk and are getting stuck in 1 and a half hours worth of traffic.
    I look forward to hearing your plans to resolve this matter, which at the moment is a major issue.

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